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Staff : Ryan Hathaway
Following is information for Ryan Hathaway:
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Ryan Hathaway
Mondays 2:00-4:00, Tuesdays 10:00-12:00, Wednesday 2:00-4:00, Thursdays 10:00-12:00
Education Abroad Advisors
About Ryan Hathaway:
Ryan Hathaway joined the International Studies Office in April 2013. He was born in New Jersey but spent eight years of his early childhood living in Tokyo, Japan, and Jakarta, Indonesia. Growing up abroad gave him a perspective that fueled later interest in an internationally-focused career. He received his BA in Anthropology from Georgetown University, and as an undergraduate spent two semesters abroad, returning to Japan and Indonesia but gaining more immersive experiences in new cities. Ryan spent five years working for the Institute of International Education on the Fulbright Scholar Program, sending US faculty to lecture and research in the Asia/Pacific region. He received his MA in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University, and later worked in Liberia for a small NGO providing refugee education programming.

If you would like to discuss your ideas about studying abroad with Ryan, please request an appointment (after completing the Education Abroad Workshop). In your request, please include the following information: primary goals for international study, program interests, your major and year, and any specific questions you would like to discuss.